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DirecTV Satellites

Original DirecTV satellites are built by Hughes Electronics Corporation.
  satellite      launched transponders/band  location
 DirecTV-1     1993 (defunct)  16/Ku 110W
 DirecTV-1R     1999 (defunct)   32/Ku 101W
 DirecTV-2     1994 (defunct)   16/Ku 101W
    1995 (defunct)   16/Ku 82W
 DirecTV-4S     2001 (defunct as of 10/2019)    48/Ku 101W
    2002    32/Ku 72.5W
 DirecTV-6     1997 (defunct)    32/Ku 110W
    2004         54/Ku 119W
 DirecTV-8 2005        36Ka/Ku 101W
   2006     54/Ku 101W
 Spaceway1    2005 (defunct as of 02/2020)     48/Ka 103W
   2006     48/Ka 99W
DirecTV-102    2007     32/Ka 103W
 DirecTV-11 (T11)
  2008   99W
 DirecTV-12 (T12)    2009    
T14 2014    
T15 2015    
T16 2019    

             1leased to Telsat         2replacement for DirecTV-1


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